Matchless Fire Starts (Literature Only)

Seven different methods of making fire without matches!



Garbage Can Cooker

(Literature Only)

Roast anything to perfection in an oven made from a garbage can!




Fire By Friction Video

42 minutes, in depth, full of detail and description on how to make fire by rubbing two sticks together!





Camping Water Heater

Deluxe Water Heater

Construction Plans Only

Camping hot water heater makes scalding hot water in 45 minutes!


The Godzilla of

Reflector Ovens


Morse Code in Fifteen Minutes

Revolutionary method to learn Morse Code in 15 minutes!


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Fire Building Kits come in three different styles!

Basic Fire Building Kit

Assembled Fire Building Kit

Certified Fire Building Kit













Dutch Oven Cookbook

Dutch Oven Cookbook

Fabulous recipes - Easy to Difficult, Novice to Chef!