The Recipe for the Month of August-September is:

Broiled Meat in a Boat


3 fillets of good quality fish, or
3 chicken breasts, or
3 pork chops
seasoning sauces – Lea & Perrins., Teriyaki,
                            fresh lemon juice, etc.
aluminum foil


This is your introduction to a totally different Dutch oven
cooking method that takes advantage of a 12 inch Dutch
oven in a unusual manner. On soft ground, place aluminum
foil on the ground then turn the oven over and place it up
side down on the foil. The three legs of the Dutch oven
will now be up so the lid will sit evenly on top of the three
legs. Make sure the oven is secure and not wobbly. Heat up
enough briquettes to cover the entire lid of the Dutch oven
so that the briquettes are touching.

While the coals are heating, fashion “boats” out of aluminum
foil to hold pork chops, chicken breasts, sword fi sh or halibut
fi llets. Season the meat with a sauce, Lea & Perrins for the
pork, lemon herb for the fi sh, teriyaki for the chicken and
place the boats on the bottom of the upturned oven. Place
lid on the legs of the oven, with lid covered with hot coals.

Cook for 30 – 40 minutes. Check after 15 minutes and turn
as necessary but as little as possible. Cook through until meat
is done. Usually three boats at a time work the best.
Serves 3, 6, 9…etc.